The Perks of PACs (aka proanthocyanidins)

OceanSpray recently released a drink promising water with “truly functional benefits” using the PACs found in cranberries (PACs being the simplified name of the difficult to spell and pronounce proanthocyanidins). The drink called PACt boasts the perks of PACs without the sugar and with only 10 calories. The bottle of PACt simply states PACs are “powerful elements…to help cleanse and purify your body.” For me, this is not enough information so I decided to do my own research. What I found was quite extensive so here are my most important findings:

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Casa Matar: House Where the Killing Happens (Day 1 in Luxembourg)

On my schedule, I saw Casemates as the first event for both sessions of the program. My thoughts just used context clues and assumed it was like a case competition to get to know each other. Being my typical nerdy self, I was super excited. It turns out that was very American of me because it’s actually not English. Rather than case-mates, it would be more pronounced casa-mat-tes. The Casemates are actually underground tunnels used during attacks to get from the different part of the castle and outer walls.Read More »

The Calm before the Flight

Today, I needed to give something to a friend so we planned exactly where to meet down to the street address. I even chose the place. The time we were meant to meet came and passed without me seeing my friend so I texted her that I was parked. She responded that she was in the parking lot as well. The parking lot was small so I quickly knew we were not in the same location. I double checked on my phone’s map and realized I went to the wrong spot. Have I mentioned that I have yet left for Luxembourg? I am still at home in the town I grew up in and all this happened within ten minutes of my house.

I am going to a new continent for four weeks without knowing a single person. My fears of the differing culture and being alone barely even register compared to my largest fear of getting lost. If my previous story does not offer enough evidence, I once took half an hour to drive home from a ball park less than a mile from my house due to taking a wrong turn. In Luxembourg, I’m going to be using a lot of faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. Let’s be honest though, my map app will be my best friend.

pixie dust

After having never left the country except on cruises, I will be studying in Luxembourg for two, two week sessions (4 weeks total) through Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Luxembourg is not in Germany as many of my friends guessed; it is actually the very tiny country between Belgium, France, and Germany. My days will be spent in class from 9 to 5, Monday through Thursday. Every weekend, we go on a trip to a different city. The travels begin with Strasburg, France then we are off to Paris, France then move to Brussels, Belgium and return to Paris for an encore the final weekend.

After my time in Luxembourg, I remain in Europe for three additional weeks joined by my family. We will be traveling to Paris (yes.. again. Though, I highly doubt I will ever tire of the city.), staying at a castle in Cerisay, France (okay, technically it’s a chateau but it has a MOAT so I refuse to see a difference), and finishing the grand traveling summer in Italy.

Summer travels

I leave in four hours. My main hope upon my return in two months is to have grown as a person… or at least be able to slightly follow a map.  I absolutely cannot wait and I hope y’all follow along!

dancing excited isunova

❤ Tay