Fin: Random Travel Advice Learned from Luxembourg

After being here for a month, I have come to realize Luxembourg is an unbelievable place to live, work and study. From the safety to the prosperity to the multitude of  nationalities and languages, it does not get much better. There’s rich culture in the caves of the Casemates and great shopping in the City Center (which is cheaper than Paris). While my travels have not led me home yet, I finished my study abroad program on Friday. That means I said adios to Luxembourg for possibly the last time. I wanted to offer a few random lessons about traveling (and I guess applicable to all life) I learned along the way (which you can follow… or not {you do you}):

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What to do: 24 hours in Luxembourg

After living here for a month, I came to realize Luxembourg is an unbelievable place to live, work or study. From the safety to the prosperity to the multitude of  nationalities and languages, it does not get much better. Upon my mom and sister’s arrival yesterday, I came to realize Lux does not have the most places to visit. The city’s very small and while there’s a few spots, you can easily cover the most important in a day. Though, saying that we were unable to cover the third on my list because we became too engaged shopping (figures). In turn, here’s my guide to what to visit if only in Luxembourg for 24 hours.Read More »

The Family of Man

Though a photography exhibit, my favorite part of The Family of Man was the integration of quotes with the photos. I was loving taking photos of photos but the exhibit was fairly silent and my camera’s fairly loud so I limited my photos to only the most impactful. More still available on my Flickr.

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Black Gates, Romans, and the Embassy: Let’s Do It (Trier, Germany) (Day 9&10)

Yesterday, we visited the Porta Nigra. Which is not a port with shipments from Nigeria but one of two gates left from the Roman Empire. Like the real Roman Empire from like 10 BC. Like before Christ, BC (does BC still mean before Christ cause I know they were talking about it being something different. If anyone actually cares, please leave a comment correcting me). nbd.


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Strasbourg: Cathedrals and Italian Food (Day 5&6)

The Notre Dame cathedral of Strasbourg is the first time this trip I have been completely speechless. The intricate details and time spent on this building just meant to inspire awe and honor the Lord. It took 285 years to build and survived all the religious wars. Rather than being destroyed by the French revolutionaries as many cathedrals were, the Strasbourg people stood around the cathedral to protect it. The cathedral greatly honors mother Mary. It still has all the statues of her which is interesting because it began as catholic then was taken over by Protestants who do not honor Mary as Catholics do.Read More »

God is Great, Beer is Good, and Wings are Crazy (Day 4)

I didn’t bring my computer with me to Strasbourg, France which is why the blog updates have fallen a bit behind. We left for Strasbourg Friday morning so I have updates from Thursday to today (Sunday). I have so many photos and have done so much that I can’t really think of anything particularly interesting to say about Thursday. So I’m going to keep the talking short for this post. I honestly have so many from this trip I’m beginning to worry about computer memory. I’m going to put my favorites with explanations per usual. The rest can be found on my Flickr as always.

After morning class, we hit up the Bofferding Brewery.

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The Chicken Kitchen (Day 2 in Luxembourg)

Breakfast and lunch are provided for us every day but we are given freedom for dinner. This is the time we truly explore the diverse country from the modern city area to the more quaint town area. Walking down to the town area takes about 10 minutes down two steep hills. Going downs not the worst but returning becomes a struggle. Thankfully, the hills allow for gorgeous views of the town and about halfway there’s a friendly goat we named Santa Clause after the director of the program, Stanislas.Read More »

Lessons before Class

I left the U.S. 9 PM eastern and arrived in London 11 AM their time. I did not sleep for more than an hour on the flight so the only thing I can say about London is their airport lounge seats are great for 30 minute naps.

The  entrance to the retired monastery I am staying in

I arrived at my final destination 4 PM Luxembourg time (10 AM  eastern). Luxembourg is breathtaking with a city landscape and rural areas in between. I have already traveled nearly the entire rural area of the city on our way to dinner last night. Luxembourg mixes the modern and old with brand new cube houses sitting next to cottages out of Snow White.


I’ve already learned a few things before class has even begun so I want to share them here:

1. Taping the lid onto a bottle does nothing if said lid is not taped closed

Thank you body wash for getting on basically all my toiletries. Thank you Taylor for putting make up in a bag separate from the rest of toiletries

2. Norwegian has dang nice planes and service

The plane had a touch screen android for every person with free movies, music, and games. I am unbelievably sensitive to motion like I get headaches if I focus on my phone while riding on an elevator yet this plane did not bother me one bit. The take off and landing were super smooth. The two biggest advantages of the plane was the speed (I went Orlando to London in under 8 hours) and the fuel efficiency. You may be wondering why you’re supposed to care about a planes fuel efficiency but it allows Norwegian to keep prices crazy low. I paid under $400 for an upgraded seat while I struggled to find any other flight under $650.  Also high fuel efficiency is better for the environment and if you don’t care about that then you need to go hug a tree. Yes. I am serious. Get up. Walk outside. Find a strong (or weak (I’m no picky)) tree. Now,  wrap your arms around it. Don’t you want to go recycle now?

The attendants were amazing too. I was cold on the plane and blamed it on my stupidity of not bringing a blanket or sweatshirt. About halfway through the flight an attendant stood in my area for a few minutes and walked away. She returned moments later with free blankets for everyone near me because the emergency exit door was making it colder in my area than anywhere else. Those blankets were $5 a pop.

climbing 3. Do not assume because you “can sleep anywhere” you  will be able to sleep on an overnight flight

 Instead you will sit zombie eyed watching Reese  Witherspoon walk 1000 miles and start imagining maybe  you should could do that.

4. Arriving a few hours after everyone else is not the worst thing

For example you could end up in only one of two rooms with its own bathroom.

5. Words have different meanings here

Like a “15 minute walk” actually means over an hour and a half walking up and down incredibly steep staircases and slopes.


6. Luxembourg bartenders are not used to people ordering liquor and soda

This is 100% from observation (yes, really, mom. I had a lovely Merlot with my ravioli). Two different students ordered two different variation of a soda and liquor and both resulted incorrectly. One received a soda with no vodka and the other received whisky with no soda. Apparently, the Luxembourgers are much tougher than Americans when it comes to drinking liquors.

And last, but certainly not least

7. A map on a phone means nothing when you have no data

Referencing my previous post, my phone map does me no good because I do not have wi-fi throughout the city. Instead I actually pay attention to where I am walking and pray I remember the way.


Last night and today have been unbelievable touring the city with literal perfect weather (70 with few clouds). I plan to upload more photos (of the 500 I took) later tonight but for now I am off to dinner.

Update: The photos are now live on my flickr