Chantilly: A Great, Quick Escape from Paris

Our trip to Chantilly came out of a necessity to return to Charles De Gaulle Airport but not wishing to return to the hustle and bustle of Paris. The necessity was actual tremendous luck as we greatly enjoyed the Chateau and town. The visit resulted in a gorgeous tour of the chateau with priceless painting and a laid back town with delicious food.

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Le Mont Saint-Michel (or a Review of the Castle which Inspired Tangled)

First thing’s first, Mont Saint-Michel is not actually a castle. It is considered an island commune, which I found out from my good friend, Wikipedia, because I never actually found out during the day. The top of the mountain holds an abbey and the lower parts hold a town. So while Tangled was based off it, the castle portion is complete fiction.Read More »

Fin: Random Travel Advice Learned from Luxembourg

After being here for a month, I have come to realize Luxembourg is an unbelievable place to live, work and study. From the safety to the prosperity to the multitude of  nationalities and languages, it does not get much better. There’s rich culture in the caves of the Casemates and great shopping in the City Center (which is cheaper than Paris). While my travels have not led me home yet, I finished my study abroad program on Friday. That means I said adios to Luxembourg for possibly the last time. I wanted to offer a few random lessons about traveling (and I guess applicable to all life) I learned along the way (which you can follow… or not {you do you}):

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What to do: 24 hours in Luxembourg

After living here for a month, I came to realize Luxembourg is an unbelievable place to live, work or study. From the safety to the prosperity to the multitude of  nationalities and languages, it does not get much better. Upon my mom and sister’s arrival yesterday, I came to realize Lux does not have the most places to visit. The city’s very small and while there’s a few spots, you can easily cover the most important in a day. Though, saying that we were unable to cover the third on my list because we became too engaged shopping (figures). In turn, here’s my guide to what to visit if only in Luxembourg for 24 hours.Read More »

Brussels: A Review of a Rebellious City

brussels (16)brussels (12)

Though I did fall in love with the city, Brussels began on a very sour note. We left Lux after 7 am breakfast and arrived in Brussels about 12 after a delayed train. Our teacher wanted a seafood fresh market restaurant so after dropping our luggage at the amazing Aloft (more on that later) we set out. Requests to bus were ignored resulting in over an hour walk and students (including myself) getting dizzy with headaches. Finally arriving, the place was amazing. My grumbling stomach prevented photographing my gorgeous tuna burger but just trust me on its greatness.

On the grueling walk to the market, we stopped to take photos and appreciate the city. My starvation at that point was so over whelming, I actually forgot about the photos until I looked through my Flickr uploads (click link for more photos). So basically this unbelievable photos like the one below were almost lost among the thousands taken this trip.Read More »

The Family of Man

Though a photography exhibit, my favorite part of The Family of Man was the integration of quotes with the photos. I was loving taking photos of photos but the exhibit was fairly silent and my camera’s fairly loud so I limited my photos to only the most impactful. More still available on my Flickr.

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The City of Tourists: Paris (Actually Day 12)

I might make a lot of people mad with this comment but I hated the Eiffel Tower. The structure’s super cool and I’m a fan of the steels itself but the actual location was awful. It was crowded and right when we walked up a cop was chasing someone. I was in a group of 8 girls (so, large but all female) and we were continuously made uncomfortable by men. Also, (to a certain point) the farther away the better the view. It looks the same everywhere from every angle so being forced into the cow herd underneath was unnecessary.Read More »

Early Morning Alarms: Reims and Champagne (Day 12? I’ve lost track)


Before hitting up Paris, we stopped in champagne for breakfast and drinks. Cause that’s how it goes in Europe. We left at 5 am and arrived in Champagne about 9. Although, we visited the Notre Dame of Reims beforehand to pray for forgiveness. It was gorgeous but raining so not many photos were taken. I kept myself limited to 15 photos (I know I surprised myself).Read More »

Black Gates, Romans, and the Embassy: Let’s Do It (Trier, Germany) (Day 9&10)

Yesterday, we visited the Porta Nigra. Which is not a port with shipments from Nigeria but one of two gates left from the Roman Empire. Like the real Roman Empire from like 10 BC. Like before Christ, BC (does BC still mean before Christ cause I know they were talking about it being something different. If anyone actually cares, please leave a comment correcting me). nbd.


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