Why I Hated the Fantastic Four Reboot is Probably Not Why You Hated the Fantastic Four Reboot

When I first heard about the reboot of Fantastic Four, I was ecstatic. Unlike everyone else, Fantastic Four was one of my favorite movies growing up. As a child, it was my introduction to the Marvel Universe. Sue Storm was the first female superhero I encountered on the big screen (not that many more have shown up since) and my nine-year-old self thought she was just so COOL. Granted I have not seen the movie in years, I remember the movie showed little me a girl could actually kick butt.

sue storm
Even in her wedding dress, she’s bad ass

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I don’t care what the Confederate Flag Means to you

Let’s start with some quick history: The most common known Confederate flag is actually a battle flag of the South used during the civil war. I’ve heard too many people say the civil war was not about racism. They say the war was rather about the South’s succession due to Northern Aggression. The North infringing on the freedom of the South. Okay. But what freedoms were the Union infringing on? I think you know. Almost all related to the freedom of owning human beings as slaves. I’d say slavery is a text book definition of racism. Here’s a more descriptive list of triggering events.

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The Family of Man

Though a photography exhibit, my favorite part of The Family of Man was the integration of quotes with the photos. I was loving taking photos of photos but the exhibit was fairly silent and my camera’s fairly loud so I limited my photos to only the most impactful. More still available on my Flickr.

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Feminism in the workplace

Imagine the hypothetical situation of being CEO of a large company. First, I just want to say congratulations on the promotion. Now, picture you have a huge sales opportunity with a company in a country which does not respect woman in the workplace. They may see female employees and ask them to go fetch them some coffee or they may just flat out refuse working with them. Which is more ethical: sending only men for the deal (even if your top sales person is a women) or refusing business with someone who would not respect your female employees.

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