My Weekend in a Castle: Chateau Cerisay

Last week, I had the honor to stay in a private Chateau from the 1200s for the weekend. The place had everything expected in a castle from gardens to a chapel to two chefs to a moat. My family slept in the Petit house which could have slept eight more of us. My sisters bedroom was like Sleeping Beauty’s with a small doorway and princess bed. The small doorway was why I put up no fight in wishing to sleep there. On our initial tour, I banged my head then hit it again while moving luggage around.Read More »


Chantilly: A Great, Quick Escape from Paris

Our trip to Chantilly came out of a necessity to return to Charles De Gaulle Airport but not wishing to return to the hustle and bustle of Paris. The necessity was actual tremendous luck as we greatly enjoyed the Chateau and town. The visit resulted in a gorgeous tour of the chateau with priceless painting and a laid back town with delicious food.

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Le Mont Saint-Michel (or a Review of the Castle which Inspired Tangled)

First thing’s first, Mont Saint-Michel is not actually a castle. It is considered an island commune, which I found out from my good friend, Wikipedia, because I never actually found out during the day. The top of the mountain holds an abbey and the lower parts hold a town. So while Tangled was based off it, the castle portion is complete fiction.Read More »