My Weekend in a Castle: Chateau Cerisay

Last week, I had the honor to stay in a private Chateau from the 1200s for the weekend. The place had everything expected in a castle from gardens to a chapel to two chefs to a moat. My family slept in the Petit house which could have slept eight more of us. My sisters bedroom was like Sleeping Beauty’s with a small doorway and princess bed. The small doorway was why I put up no fight in wishing to sleep there. On our initial tour, I banged my head then hit it again while moving luggage around.

Chateau Cerisay
From right to left: The chapel, the petite house (the little white area), the main house

In addition to the house we stayed in, there was a renovated apartment with three or so bedrooms and many more guestrooms in the main house. The petite house was connected to the actual house through a billiard/game room. While I could give y’all a tour through words, pictures reveal the true beauty.

Cerisay backyard garden
The backyard garden
Cerisay billiard
The billiard room
Cerisay Princess room
My sister’s princess room
Cerisay Chapel
The chapel was built after a son was miraculously saved from drowning in a boating accident.

Cerisay backyard

The pool is a new addition but my favorite spot to relax. There are gates leading to nowhere and a fire pit. Instead of satisfying my pyromaniac instincts there, our host took us to a 50+ foot bonfire in honor of the summer solace.

Bonfire before the fire

Feur of France

Our host, Gil-one of my dad’s clients- showed how to be a perfect host. He was happy to walk the grounds every night and show us something new. Before dinner, we had aperitifs to unwind and talk. It’s difficult to describe the small nuances he offered to perfect our experience.

Cerisay (23)
My favorite shot from the weekend

Staying in a chateau was unquestionably another once in a lifetime experience.  Everyday we explored a new, more beautiful part of southern France then returned home for unbelievable dinners. The amazing cook made mouth watering cuisine which could stand next to any meal in a five star restaurant. It was the type of days one could easily get used to.

I hope your day has been wonderful!

❤ Tay

All photos are my own. They can be found plus more on my Flickr. Please, request permission before reusing.


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