Fin: Random Travel Advice Learned from Luxembourg

After being here for a month, I have come to realize Luxembourg is an unbelievable place to live, work and study. From the safety to the prosperity to the multitude of  nationalities and languages, it does not get much better. There’s rich culture in the caves of the Casemates and great shopping in the City Center (which is cheaper than Paris). While my travels have not led me home yet, I finished my study abroad program on Friday. That means I said adios to Luxembourg for possibly the last time. I wanted to offer a few random lessons about traveling (and I guess applicable to all life) I learned along the way (which you can follow… or not {you do you}):

1. Stay in the present

It becomes very easy to look forward to somewhere like Paris and miss somewhere incredible like Strasbourg

2. Be flexible.

Plans change. If you want to grumble about something that’s already happened, it fixes nothing.flexible3. Sometimes the cheapest adapters the best

All my friends bought  ~$30-50 adapters and converters but almost none of the pieces had the necessary 3 prong outlet for laptops. Half the time they would blow out and fail especially with hair equipment. I ordered adapters (with 3 prong outlets) for $5 off Amazon knowing nothing about them except they were cheapest (probably not my brightest idea) but they worked perfectly. It worked perfectly with a hair straightener, laptop charger, and phone charger.

Umbrellas in Reims, France
Though the souvenir shop umbrellas can result in adorable, cliche photos

4. Bring an umbrella

Or you may just end up with a crappy Paris one from the Reims’ Cathedral souvenir store

5. Eat small

If you know me, you’re going to laugh at this one. I love food and eating. But if you eat small like a one scoop ice cream rather than 2, then you can eat often and get a second scoop later. Or a different dessert. Everywhere you pass seems to have the most scrumptious food you’ve ever seen so eating snacks everywhere rather than large meals, allows you to try more.

ice cream Parks and Rec Ron Swanson6. Everyone eats gelato

Not advice but… It’s awesome

A Belgian waffle in Brussels
and waffles

7. Just accept anything you eat that’s not chocolate/gelato will likely be carbs

I ate pizza, bread, croissants, and pasta. I realized when my mom arrived that I had not eaten chicken more than once while here. I eat chicken once a day at home. I would get strawberries a few times a week at school but that (and strawberry ice cream) was the extent of my vitamins. I would recommend purposely trying to get some nutrients for your body a few times a day but don’t stress about what you’re eating. Walk instead of taking the metro and you should not have any issues. I walked over 10 miles most days so while probably not properly meeting my body’s needs, I did not do irreparable damage.

subway8. Public transports great to utilize (and way cheaper than taxis)

While walking’s great for the amount of eating, one hour walks may not be the most efficient way to get most places. The public travel ways are fantastic and take you within steps to basically any place. The bus/metro maps can be a bit confusing but just double (and triple) check your stop and the line needed. Also always be aware.

9. No matter how many churches you go into, the next one is always just as if not more gorgeous

Whether it was Saint Catherine in Brussels where Van Gogh was once a pastor or the details of the architecture in Notre Dame of Strasbourg, every cathedral was breathtaking in its own way. After visiting so many, unfortunately, churches began to run together. On one of the last church visits of very many, another student exclaimed, “It’s annoying because it’s are just so pretty!”Notre Dame of Reims

Do not fret this post does not signify the end of my adventures abroad. I travel to a Chateau in Southern France tomorrow for some time in the country then off to Italy for a week. Let me know any random travel advice you have in the comments!

I hope your day’s been spectacular.

All non-specified photos are my own and more are available on my Flickr.

Lesson of the day:

This entire post was an offering of that

Word of the day:

Fin = the end


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