What to do: 24 hours in Luxembourg

After living here for a month, I came to realize Luxembourg is an unbelievable place to live, work or study. From the safety to the prosperity to the multitude of  nationalities and languages, it does not get much better. Upon my mom and sister’s arrival yesterday, I came to realize Lux does not have the most places to visit. The city’s very small and while there’s a few spots, you can easily cover the most important in a day. Though, saying that we were unable to cover the third on my list because we became too engaged shopping (figures). In turn, here’s my guide to what to visit if only in Luxembourg for 24 hours.

Bock Casemates

  1. History: The Bock Casemates

The Casemates are miles of tunnels underneath the city used for wars to reach forts on the outer edges. The tunnels were not only a place for soldiers and their horses but also held almost a mini town with places such as workshops and kitchens. They are thousands of years old and made Luxembourg one of the strongest defensive cities in the world. Of the original 23 km, 17 km remain standing. There’s no guided or audio tour but you are allowed to freely walk through. The area offers great photo ops of Lux city.

Warning: the area is caves so it is easy to become claustrophobic and the navigation along the uneven ground and spiral staircases can be tricky.

Pros: the price (€4), interesting history while fun to wander, best view of the city
Cons: no guided tour and only a paper map to guide the way which in turn can result in a fairly short visit because you are unsure where to go

2. Shopping/Food: The City Center

The area offers a mixture of stores (expensive and less) as well as restaurants and bars. The restaurants range from McDonald’s to exquisite top eateries. Many stores found in Paris can be found on these streets (and for cheaper than Paris prices) The area offers a taste of Luxembourg with side roads ending at a magnificent view over the city. It is a great place to go for lunch/dinner and wander around.

Pros: High end shops, Variety of restaurants, Ice Cream (lots and lots of ice cream)
Cons: Beggars (typical of any city), easy to get lost, but honestly no real cons


DSC_09563. Going Out: Clausen

The area offers numerous bars and clubs plus a few restaurants. A strip called Mousel is an old brewery which now houses the main area of Clausen. My favorite spot is a tiny one room restaurant called the Chicken Kitchen located at the very front left corner of Mousel.

They serve all you can eat wings on Thursdays for €15. These photos are of my friends and I’s decimation of the wings because I somehow went a month without taking one photo of Clausen.

Pros: Large range for any going out type from karaoke to clubs to relaxing bars
Cons: expensive drinks, not crowded on weekdays (generally meaning empty)

Bonus spot

Museums: The Philharmonie, The MUDAM, and Musée Draï Eechelen

I grouped the three together because they sit next to each other a bit off the typical beaten path of Luxembourg. The three do not take long especially if just going to appreciate the buildings but can be skipped if not enough time.

  • The Philharmonie
    A concert is not required to make this spot interesting. The building’s architecture of tree like pillars and a leaf roof make it worth the stop.
  • The MUDAM
    Luxembourg’s museum of modern art could be so much. It has a dynamic, glass and concrete building but lacks the important thing to art museums–actual art. The experience greatly depends on what exhibit is currently being shown so do some research before visiting. Fun Fact: the architect is the same as who designed the Louvre Pyramids, I. M. Pei.
  • Musée Draï Eechelen
    A fortress filled with large amounts of history and a museum



All photos are my own. They can be found plus more on my Flickr.


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