Early Morning Alarms: Reims and Champagne (Day 12? I’ve lost track)


Before hitting up Paris, we stopped in champagne for breakfast and drinks. Cause that’s how it goes in Europe. We left at 5 am and arrived in Champagne about 9. Although, we visited the Notre Dame of Reims beforehand to pray for forgiveness. It was gorgeous but raining so not many photos were taken. I kept myself limited to 15 photos (I know I surprised myself).

Here’s a statue on the side of the church of a beheaded man.. So that’s neat.*

DSC_0206We toured the cellars of Pommery. (They were founded by a woman in the 1800s so that’s a super feministic win). There’s 18 Km of tunnels underground.

The Pommery Champagnery(?) is celebrating 140 years so they have a large modern art exhibit in the cellars. Everything is blue, including the trees. This is a champagne bottle made out of champagne bottles.

I’m not a huge fan of champagne so rather than buying bottles I was cheap and took photos.

This is a short post but not to worry another will be up shortly. Do something productive while you anxiously await the post. And as always, more photos available on my Flickr.

❤ Tay

Lesson of the day: Even if you didn’t watch a safety video at a hostel, you should still evacuate when a very loud hallway alarm wakes you up at 1:15 am. And although we were in a room of six none of us thought to actually leave. Even if it turns out to be nothing.

*Professor Greeley taught a religion class in Lux so I asked her about the beheaded statues. Apparently those were actually done by French Revolutionaries later. It was a response to the many beheadings done and so they picked prominent Saints to do at many Cathedrals. Update: this statue was built purposely beheaded but there are many other statues without heads


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