Château de Vianden (Day 8)

Vianden LuxembourgSo we visited a castle today. That was a bit chill. Honestly, it was a château but I doubt any of y’all really care if I specify the difference (for those who do I will include château education at the end).

The journey was definitely more of an adventure than the destination for today. Though Vianden only sits about 50 Km outside Luxembourg (city), it took about three hours of travel time. More if I was to include the trip to the castle specifically. DSC_0050We rode four buses, one train, and a chairlift before beginning another ten minute hike.

We were initially told the walk to the mountain was difficult and steep so half our group opted to ride a chairlift to the top. My main reasoning for the lift was I heard there was incredible photos to be taken. We all know me and photos at this point (as always, more are available on my Flickr). The chairlift actually resulted in a more difficult hike across the mountain to the castle. The path was steep and a dirt trail as opposed to the paved road if you just walked up to the castle. The people weren’t wrong about the unbelievable scenes surrounding us on the lift.


The most interesting thing about Vianden was that it’s actually new. The original Château was built in the 1600s (yes, I’m not dumb I know this does not quality as new) but by the 1800s, the castle was in ruins. It was then rebuilt in the 1990s to allow for tourists to visit. I am uncertain what was from the original and what is new, though.



The chapel and the view of the chapel from below where commoners would be allowed to stand and listen.

Friendz! DSC_0122

It may be shocking-because she looks just so happy-but my roommate, Julie (the one in the stocks), begged to be in them.

Tomorrow, we head to Trier for a day trip. I think I may be more excited for this than Paris. Strange. I know. I don’t know why because like Paris is Paris but I was specifically told to visit Trier. Also Roman ruins. SO COOL! Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing. There will likely be hundreds of photos as always. Y’all will not miss a thing.

Hope your day’s been wonderful!

Lesson of the day: Wear your ankle brace when going to a castle because it likely involves climbing. They were often built on high ground as to allow for an easy view of attackers. It slipped my mind because there are so many attacks by foot in these days. Thank gracious I at least had sneakers on.

Words of the day:

pleuvoir = raining
il pleaut = it’s raining
Learned due to the torrential downpour transferring from the train to another bus.

Château Education:

While château can also be used for castle in French, it would more be considered a palace/country home in English. Versailles is an example of a chateau. While grand and for the royal, it does not have the features of a castle. A château is where lords manors or summer homes of other nobility. It can but does not need to have fortifications. They are mainly in France or French speaking regions.

The greatest thing about a chateau is that the plural is châteaux.



Let me know your thoughts!

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