Strasbourg: Cathedrals and Italian Food (Day 5&6)

The Notre Dame cathedral of Strasbourg is the first time this trip I have been completely speechless. The intricate details and time spent on this building just meant to inspire awe and honor the Lord. It took 285 years to build and survived all the religious wars. Rather than being destroyed by the French revolutionaries as many cathedrals were, the Strasbourg people stood around the cathedral to protect it. The cathedral greatly honors mother Mary. It still has all the statues of her which is interesting because it began as catholic then was taken over by Protestants who do not honor Mary as Catholics do.


Me just chilling on the steps of hundreds of years of history.

Warning: the next photo is shocking.


Is it a second photo of me in a blog post? Could it actually be? I know it is actual insanity. Plus, the gelato in Strasbourg has been the bomb diggity. I may or may not have eaten it four times in the two days we were here (I did). But I have zero worries because I also have huge blisters on my feet to prove the nonstop walking.


We ate more Italian food. Who knew coming to France and Luxembourg all I would eat is pizza and pasta. We also had some amazing crepes we had for breakfast. None of this was pretty so here’s a photo of some very joyous pretzels and pastries.

We went on a river tour. It was informative and cool but unfortunately no photos were taken because the boat was covered with a glass ceiling so everything came out with a glare and reflection (as you can see).

Hostel love

The hostel we stayed in was incredibly modern. It only had wifi in the lobby though so a lot of people just chilled. I went to bed about ten in an attempt to catch up on sleep rather then just sit playing on my phone. Our favorite part was the freshly washed sheets. Maybe you can tell we enjoyed them? The hostel was called Ciarus and only cost €100 for a 4 person room.


The photo taking was put on the back burner. I only took about 250 a day here. All the photos are still available on my Flickr.

See told you not to worry about the previous short post. There’s just so much being done, I had to break everything down.

❤ Tay

Lesson of the day: the word of the day from a few days ago, strawberries=fraise, is not pronounced fray-zay. It is pronounced f-raise. That was learned while being laughed at ordering gelato.

Second lesson: Continental breakfast here means croissants and bread. Plus, butter.

Word of the day:

Cathédrale = Cathedrale = large church

Very difficult. I know.


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