God is Great, Beer is Good, and Wings are Crazy (Day 4)

I didn’t bring my computer with me to Strasbourg, France which is why the blog updates have fallen a bit behind. We left for Strasbourg Friday morning so I have updates from Thursday to today (Sunday). I have so many photos and have done so much that I can’t really think of anything particularly interesting to say about Thursday. So I’m going to keep the talking short for this post. I honestly have so many from this trip I’m beginning to worry about computer memory. I’m going to put my favorites with explanations per usual. The rest can be found on my Flickr as always.

After morning class, we hit up the Bofferding Brewery.



A keg.. I think? It was never really explained but I thought it looked cool.


We were given some unfiltered beer to try. It tasted extremely wheat-y and was honestly just bad.

DSC_1248Our lovely tour guide serving up some taster beers.


My favorite part of their beer is the foam on top. It just seems so clean.

Thursday, we returned to the chicken kitchen for round two. It was all you can eat for €15,5. That equated to us annihalating about 20 wings a piece all smoothered in South Carolina Honey Barbecue sauce. We also figured out they served tap water which allowed for free drinks. Hallelujah!


You could say we enjoyed a bit. It must be noted that these photos were taken less than 10 minutes apart.



My friends decided there aren’t enough photos of me on here so they have begun turning my camera on me.



I would apologize for the short post but I will likely upload another within a few hours so don’t fret.

Although, let’s be honest-my family’s on a cruise so idk who else would be reading this…

Words of the Day:

Bière = Beer
Brasserie = brewery but now has grown to refer to upscale bistros
Aile de poulet = Chicken Wing


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