The Chicken Kitchen (Day 2 in Luxembourg)

Breakfast and lunch are provided for us every day but we are given freedom for dinner. This is the time we truly explore the diverse country from the modern city area to the more quaint town area. Walking down to the town area takes about 10 minutes down two steep hills. Going downs not the worst but returning becomes a struggle. Thankfully, the hills allow for gorgeous views of the town and about halfway there’s a friendly goat we named Santa Clause after the director of the program, Stanislas.

santa clause

Last night, about six of us ventured down our mountain to grab some food. I wanted to check out a local place I saw but it turned out to require reservations even though the restaurant was barely even half full. We went a bit farther into a more town area and found a large easel chalkboard advertising the Chicken Kitchen on the first floor. (European education: the first floor here is our second floor because they call our first floor ground.) We went upstairs to find a one room restaurant which would not sit more 30 people with a lovely waiter named Tom. Loyal to the name, all the place sold was chicken wings and chicken burgers.

IMG_3151 (1)

I scoffed a bit seeing the menu list South Carolina inspired sauce on the wings but I figured I would give them a chance. It also didn’t hurt that it was the cheapest meal I’d found, €5,50 for 6 wings. Those wings were some of the greatest dang wings I have ever eaten. We already have plans to return tomorrow for all you can eat wings.

IMG_3162 Going back to prices, I am trying to be money aware and beer is often cheaper than water. Tap water is not a thing so water’s about €2,80 for small bottles. Last night at the British Pub we went to, I talked the bartender into giving me water from the sink. He laughed saying water’s not free for him why should they make it free for me. Since it was easily accessible from the bar, I had a friend continuously steal fill more water from me. As a result, I tipped for the first time since arriving. (I can get very used to not tipping.) I have decided the tips we pay to waiters is us paying for all the water we drink.


Last night was a great and truly an immersion in the melting pot of Luxembourgish culture.

Lesson of the day: American students are bad at understanding coins are valuable. A girl was buying drinks at a bar and the bartender continuously returned coins to her. Not wanting to carry it around, she just put it in the tip jar. Turns out by the end of the night she had tipped over €15. Another student gave the homeless men about €4 in coins. He was thinking of them like quarters.

Word of the day: Fraises = Strawberries

DSC_0690My friends love how many photos I take


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