Casa Matar: House Where the Killing Happens (Day 1 in Luxembourg)

On my schedule, I saw Casemates as the first event for both sessions of the program. My thoughts just used context clues and assumed it was like a case competition to get to know each other. Being my typical nerdy self, I was super excited. It turns out that was very American of me because it’s actually not English. Rather than case-mates, it would be more pronounced casa-mat-tes. The Casemates are actually underground tunnels used during attacks to get from the different part of the castle and outer walls.

*If you just come here for my fantastic witty humor, skip to the pics*
The word Casemate is either Italian or Spanish. The Spaniards built the Casemates original 14 miles and they were expanded by French and Austrians later. It is unknown which the name was originally back off. One belief comes from the Arabic word kasaba coming from the Spanish word alcasaba or fortress. I prefer the one our tour guide told which also comes from Spanish but breaks the word down into case matar meaning House Where the Killing Happens or House of the Slaughter.


One of the only visible towers left and our tour guide informed us it is actually fake. They knew visitors would want to see ruins from the Medieval times so they added the fake ruin.


Yep, it’s an undergroun tunnel made of rock. I guess that would be implied when I said the Casemates are tunnels running under the city.

casemate bookshelves

These used to be book shelves. How cool is that?!


The view from one of the alcoves previously used for defense such as cannons. And if you look on the side, you will see more rocks.


One of said protective cannons surrounded by, as you guessed, rocks. While I am being a bit sarcastic about the rocks they were actually beautiful and have obviously witnessed so much history. I was fascinated by them which explains why I have so many photos of rocks.


Look mom, I wasn’t lying. I made a friend!!

casemates tunnel

My favorite shot of Casemates.

Lesson of the day: Pandora does not work outside America but Spotify does. Spotify 1 Pandora 1 (You may be wondering why Pandora has a point. Well, they have TSwift.)haters gonna hate

If you’re interested in seeing more photos, I post all of them to my flickr (over 700 in 2 days). Warning: these have not been edited or reviewed, they are automatic uploads from my camera photos. It may also be a spoiler for future posts because I post all my blogs about things from the previous days adventures.

Hope everyone’s day has been fantastic 😀


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