The City of Tourists: Paris (Actually Day 12)

I might make a lot of people mad with this comment but I hated the Eiffel Tower. The structure’s super cool and I’m a fan of the steels itself but the actual location was awful. It was crowded and right when we walked up a cop was chasing someone. I was in a group of 8 girls (so, large but all female) and we were continuously made uncomfortable by men. Also, (to a certain point) the farther away the better the view. It looks the same everywhere from every angle so being forced into the cow herd underneath was unnecessary.Read More »


Early Morning Alarms: Reims and Champagne (Day 12? I’ve lost track)


Before hitting up Paris, we stopped in champagne for breakfast and drinks. Cause that’s how it goes in Europe. We left at 5 am and arrived in Champagne about 9. Although, we visited the Notre Dame of Reims beforehand to pray for forgiveness. It was gorgeous but raining so not many photos were taken. I kept myself limited to 15 photos (I know I surprised myself).Read More »

Black Gates, Romans, and the Embassy: Let’s Do It (Trier, Germany) (Day 9&10)

Yesterday, we visited the Porta Nigra. Which is not a port with shipments from Nigeria but one of two gates left from the Roman Empire. Like the real Roman Empire from like 10 BC. Like before Christ, BC (does BC still mean before Christ cause I know they were talking about it being something different. If anyone actually cares, please leave a comment correcting me). nbd.


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KL-Natzweiler: Struthof: A Concentration Camp (Day 6)

Noose of KL-NatzweilerI began writing this post at the actual camp. I wanted the emotions I was feeling to truly play into my writing and not just the memory of the emotions. I am now incredibly grateful that I did because it was so emotionally draining visiting the death camp. Some parts of the post may seem like unfinished thoughts because they are. I can’t even get back to the mindspace I was in while standing where so many died.Read More »

Strasbourg: Cathedrals and Italian Food (Day 5&6)

The Notre Dame cathedral of Strasbourg is the first time this trip I have been completely speechless. The intricate details and time spent on this building just meant to inspire awe and honor the Lord. It took 285 years to build and survived all the religious wars. Rather than being destroyed by the French revolutionaries as many cathedrals were, the Strasbourg people stood around the cathedral to protect it. The cathedral greatly honors mother Mary. It still has all the statues of her which is interesting because it began as catholic then was taken over by Protestants who do not honor Mary as Catholics do.Read More »

God is Great, Beer is Good, and Wings are Crazy (Day 4)

I didn’t bring my computer with me to Strasbourg, France which is why the blog updates have fallen a bit behind. We left for Strasbourg Friday morning so I have updates from Thursday to today (Sunday). I have so many photos and have done so much that I can’t really think of anything particularly interesting to say about Thursday. So I’m going to keep the talking short for this post. I honestly have so many from this trip I’m beginning to worry about computer memory. I’m going to put my favorites with explanations per usual. The rest can be found on my Flickr as always.

After morning class, we hit up the Bofferding Brewery.

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Feminism in the workplace

Imagine the hypothetical situation of being CEO of a large company. First, I just want to say congratulations on the promotion. Now, picture you have a huge sales opportunity with a company in a country which does not respect woman in the workplace. They may see female employees and ask them to go fetch them some coffee or they may just flat out refuse working with them. Which is more ethical: sending only men for the deal (even if your top sales person is a women) or refusing business with someone who would not respect your female employees.

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The Chicken Kitchen (Day 2 in Luxembourg)

Breakfast and lunch are provided for us every day but we are given freedom for dinner. This is the time we truly explore the diverse country from the modern city area to the more quaint town area. Walking down to the town area takes about 10 minutes down two steep hills. Going downs not the worst but returning becomes a struggle. Thankfully, the hills allow for gorgeous views of the town and about halfway there’s a friendly goat we named Santa Clause after the director of the program, Stanislas.Read More »